About the artist

Emily Best is a singer-songwriter, composer, accompanist and solo performer from Vancouver, BC. With a background in jazz piano and classical voice, she draws inspiration from percussive, orchestral New Orleans-style piano and Jeff Buckley’s dynamic upper vocal range, to the intricate rhythmic stylings of Joanna Newsom and the rich soundscapes of Patrick Watson. Spanning a broad range of genres that blend indie-pop, soul, elements of jazz and progressive rock, Emily’s music explores the human condition with a raw sincerity. In recent years, she has been experimenting with found-sounds and extended technique in her composing.

Past collaborations include keyboards and supporting vocals with Queer as Funk, co-writing, piano for progressive jazz/rock ensemble Bad Tranzlator, keyboardist and backing vocalist for Vancouver’s neo-soul singer-songwriter Kristie McCracken, Canadian-Ghanian singer-songwriter Kae Sun, and Montréal-based neo-soul singer-songwriter Janette King.

In 2016, Emily toured as the keyboardist and backup vocalist for electro-soul indie band Soclose. The group gained national attention when they represented Montréal as CBC’s 2017 Canadian Top 25 Searchlight Winners.

Emily currently resides in Vancouver where she works as a singer-songwriter, music educator, collaborator and performer.